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Hey I'm Effi and my favorite band is Bastille

instagram: xefx


today in class someone sneezed & my teacher told them to shut up

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i have more followers than people at my school


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late night body appreciation post because i met my mum yesterday and she made some comments about my weight gain (and she’s the only person i’m taking serious when it comes to this issue) but i’m trying my best to stay strong and to continue becoming more and more confident with my body everyday! i’ve never felt so comfortable with my body as i do now and i never want to feel unhappy with my body again as i did back then when i was suffering from my ed. this is not only for myself but for everybody: weight doesn’t define your beauty!!!! good night ♥




So when boys want to wear tank tops, it’s okay, but when I want to do it, it’s indecent and my shoulders are going to give every boy in a 20-mile radius a boner?

if your underage and its a professional environment, wear professional clothing. women have sexual organs on their top half, men don’t, don’t you know biology??

breasts aren’t sexual organs and neither are shoulders do everyone a favor staple your hands to your ass

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